DESIGNING WOMEN — A Review of “The Way Men Act”

When Melinda LeBlanc returns home to Harrow after years away and approaching thirty, she is almost licking her wounds. Life after her high school popularity hasn’t turned out the way she’d hoped. She has moved in with her mother and started a career as a designing florist—but working for her cousin and his wife.

This last part sticks in her craw, but she relishes her creativity and popularity as a designer, and the venues she enjoys—weddings, etc.—and her proximity to a certain musician offer some consolation. While he is not The One, he is certainly Mr. Right Now.

Then she enjoys a one-night-stand with an old high school athlete and next-door businessman, Dennis Vaughan, but even though she wants more from their relationship, it doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

Add to the mix her old high-school friend Libby Getchel, whose vintage dress design shop is next door, and there would supposedly be friendship and commiseration in large quantities. But not so much.

When disappointing events turn out to be devastating for her career and seemingly for her love life, Melinda has to reinvent herself as a designer. But unexpectedly, love turns out to be right in front of her.

What seemingly negative events turn into a positive for Melinda? And what confrontations lead to freedom?

The Way Men Act: A Novel was a surprisingly fun and quick read, earning five stars for humor, drama, and unexpected happenings.


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