UNFORTUNATE LIMITATIONS — A Review of “Limitations”

Scott Turow’s “Limitations” is another of his legal suspense stories that immediately sweeps the reader into his world.  At the age of fifty-nine, George Mason is immersed in his new career as a judge on the Court of Appeals in Kindle County.  Then an unsettling case comes up for appeal and turns his world upside down.

First of all, there is something disturbing about this rape case…something more horrific than the actual details of the case.  Does it remind him of something from his own past?  His mind carries him back to the past, with recollections of events that he had seemingly forgotten, but which now are in the forefront of his mind.

And then Mason begins receiving threatening e-mails and text messages, soon followed up by an actual life-threatening situation.  Is all of this somehow related to the case before him?  Or is something even more ominous at play here?

Turow also weaves characters from previous books into this one, which I enjoyed—like Sandy Stern and Rusty Savitch, both of whom I recognized from “Presumed Innocent” and “Burden of Proof.”

This is a short book and a quick read.  While it was fun seeing how the clues led to the final resolution of the puzzle in this piece, I did not find this book as compelling as some of his others.  But definitely a four-star read!


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