A COZY TALE — A Review of “8 Sandpiper Way”

In this delightful book, “8 Sandpiper Way,” we are introduced to a cast of characters so charming and homey that they could be your friends and/or neighbors.  This one begins with a letter addressed to “Dear Reader,” from a distraught woman named Emily Flemming.  She suspects that her husband—the minister, no less!—is having an affair.

We are then launched into the day-to-day lives of this town’s residents, and with each snippet of their lives, we become more and more invested in them.  From their romances to their illnesses, from their wishes and dreams to their worries and troubles, we come to care about them.

This Cedar Cove tale is not the newest one of Debbie Macomber’s, since it’s been on my TBR stack for awhile.  But I enjoyed it tremendously, and at the conclusion, there were some loose ends and an announcement of the next book, which will pick up these loose threads and weave them into another cozy tale.  The next one will surely go on my wish list.

Like all of her books, this one of Macomber’s earns five stars from me!


4 thoughts on “A COZY TALE — A Review of “8 Sandpiper Way”

  1. I read this book only recently and it is a light read. There are many characters but i think the depth of emotions or the plot itself is not as much as in other Cedar Cove books.


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