MURDER IN A COZY NEIGHBORHOOD — A Review of “Perfect for Framing”

Power struggles, small town characters, and breath-taking North Carolina scenery add just the ingredients to keep the reader turning the pages in this compelling whodunit.

A woman with zero popularity is found dead and, of course, the list of suspects is long. Jemma Chase, who loves a mystery and happens to be dating the detective on the case, finds herself smack in the middle of the adventures. Not only does she love searching out clues, she is a talented carpenter/cabinet-maker and photographer to boot. She gives new meaning to the word Renaissance woman.

Perfect for Framing (An Appalachian Adventure Mystery) is a cozy, sometimes humorous story that hooks the reader, even as the clues begin piling up. But just when I thought I had it all figured out, a new clue would surface and I would end up back at square one.

Sprinkle in a cast of quirky and homey characters that make up the membership of the Property Owners’ Association, and you not only have a list of potential killers but possibly the guest list for your next neighborhood party. Even when you’re considering that many of these people could have killed the victim, you find yourself hoping against their guilt because they’re all so likeable…well, most of them, anyway!

This book is one in a series with some of these characters, and I’m looking forward to the next one.

Five stars for this read!

2 thoughts on “MURDER IN A COZY NEIGHBORHOOD — A Review of “Perfect for Framing”

  1. Have been reading your reviews, and really liking them! We seem to have similar tastes in books. I have added several from your blog to my TBR list. I’ll be adding this one too! 🙂


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