DECONSTRUCTING A FRIENDSHIP — A Review of “A Line Between Friends”

It is a tale of friendship, a story of growing up, and a nostalgic glimpse of the past through the eyes of the present-day characters.

Noelle and Joel were high school and then college friends. Theirs is a relationship of near-misses, bad timing, and immaturity. But for some reason, they each hold onto their friendship, which they describe as like an interrupted sentence.

Then one night, they cross a line. And nothing is ever the same again.

They move onto different pathways, choosing different locales for their adult lives, as well as marital partners. But they pick up the thread of that interrupted sentence in their occasional phone calls and letters.

Looking back and deconstructing their relationship, we come to know the past as it unfolds toward the present in the alternate voices of Noelle and Joel, as they seek to understand the aborted friendship—something that happens when Joel writes a letter to Noelle, cutting off all contact.

It is in the reexamination of this relationship from beginning to end that we come to fully know these characters, and it is this process that strikes a chord of familiarity for the reader. For don’t we all have past relationships that we still remember, still cling to in our minds? And understanding them is essential to closure.

That is the final feeling I had in this story—closure. A very satisfying book that almost feels like a memoir, “A Line Between Friends” is unforgettable.

A definite five-star read.


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