THE POWER OF OBSESSIVE LOVE — A Review of “The Thursday Woman”


Thursday Woman Covers 001Martha Sullivan appears to have it all—a loving husband and son, an interesting job, and all the comforts.

So what happens to turn her world upside down, so that one day she stumbles inadvertently into a murder trial and finds herself seemingly connected to the defendant?  Connected in a strangely obsessive way.

From the first moment that her eyes meet his, Martha Sullivan is enthralled with Everett Madison, on trial for the horrific murder of his wife Monica.  When he is eventually found guilty and sentenced to a psychiatric evaluation, Martha is totally focused on being with him.

Martha first visits him in county jail, and then risks everything to begin visiting him in prison.  Her husband, her boss, her friends—everyone tries to stop her.  But Martha cannot stop.

From there, she begins several strangely obsessive relationships, including one with an elderly and wealthy woman who pays her to participate in her sex parties.

All of this is directed towards finding the money and the right lawyer to win a new trial for Everett Madison and for his eventual freedom.

So that the two of them can be together.

What happens when she finally succeeds?  Will her faith in this man be realized, or will she, like other women before her, find herself in jeopardy?

In the TV movie based on this book, an interesting twist turned this story into a subplot for the primary tale of the author, Muriel Davidson, and her own psychosexual obsession with a former inmate.  I think I liked the movie better than the book.

There was a certain shock value in these pages, as an ordinary woman’s crumbling psyche transformed the character into someone almost unrecognizable.   And in the story’s end, we did find a ray of hope.  But this is not a book I would ever pick up again.  Therefore, four stars for this tale!







4 thoughts on “THE POWER OF OBSESSIVE LOVE — A Review of “The Thursday Woman”

  1. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Karoline. Yes, sadly this phenomenon is more widespread than we can imagine!

    Reading about it has to be interspersed with other, lighter reads. Otherwise, I’m afraid it would be too intense!


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