SORTING OUT THE VILLA — A Review of “Sleeping Arrangements”


Sleeping Arrangements embodies the hopes and dreams of two stressed-out families.

Chloe and Philip are facing some serious financial and work-related concerns; their relationship is showing the strain of years of day-to-day life; and the promise of a villa in Spain for one week sounds like a Mecca for untold delights.

Then we have Hugh and Amanda–with their seemingly perfect life, free from financial strain, with all the comforts one could ask for–but to them, too, the villa sounds like an answer. To what, we don’t know.

When Gerard loans each of them the villa (telling them separately, of course), they each think they’re in for a delightful holiday.

Hugh and Amanda arrive first and have already settled in, with their children and their outspoken nanny Jenna, when Chloe and Philip and their two children descend.

A great deal of chaos ensues as they try to straighten it all out. Well, the house is huge, after all…they’ll just make do.

But what unfolds in the following days is the unlayering of secrets, old wounds, lost love–while other unimaginable events transpire to turn this into so much more than a routine vacation in Spain.

Will the past histories of the individuals be revealed? Can they go back in time and change the choices they made years before, and if so, what will these choices mean for their futures? And did Gerard plan and manipulate these events for some unknown agenda of his own?

You’ll find the answers in these pages, but while you’re discovering it all, you’ll have a rollicking good time exploring the relationships between the characters and coming to understand, with them, that sometimes, you just can’t go back.

A lively, enjoyable read, I gave it five stars.


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